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The Ultimate Ingrown Toenail Guide

The Ultimate Ingrown Toenail Guide by your Board-Certified Podiatrist Katy Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and can often cause damage to your toenail. Removing the ingrown toenail can help relieve you of this painful situation. Dr. Jacobs has been a board-certified podiatrist in Katy for over 30 years and

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How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis from Recurring

Podiatrist Katy Dishes On Preventing Plantar Fasciitis Relapse If you have suffered from plantar fasciitis, more commonly referred to as heel pain, then you know that it can recur without warning. It can persist for long periods of time, can be quite painful and challenging for day to day activities


Soles for Children Shoe Drive

Your Total Foot Care Specialist and Dr. James M. Jacobs & Associates is excited to host our first shoe drive to benefit vulnerable children here in Katy, Texas and around the world! Beginning August 10th, we will be accepting new shoes at our two office locations and multiple drop-off locations

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Summer Feet

Avoiding Summer Foot Pain During the summer, there tends to be more foot injuries. These problems are usually caused by non-supportive footwear, barefoot walking, or frequent exposure to the sun.  Review the follow recommendations to keep your feet at peak performance. Barefoot Walking: Limit your time walking barefoot in public

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Stop Fungal Infections Before They Ruin Your Feet

One of the most common foot conditions that patients experience are fungal infections on either the nails or skin of the foot.  Since fungus develops in warm moist areas, feet are always at high risk since they are constantly sweating. If a nail fungus infection is not treated, it can