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Foot and ankle injuries happen on a daily basis. Broken bones, dislocations, sprains, contusions, infections, and other serious injuries can occur at anytime and anywhere. Immediate attention is important in ensuring that the injury does not become more severe. Whenever you sustain a foot or ankle injury, please call our office for an appointment. Our doctors can evaluate your injury with convenient and state of the art on-site digital x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound technology allowing for immediate relief and treatment to alleviate pain and further problems.

Sports Injuries Foot and Ankle Treatment Options Katy TX

  1. Home Treatment:

RICE is the first step. If an injury or accident does occur, follow these steps until your appointment with our office.

  • R Restrict your activity and get off your foot/ankle
  • I Place a bag of ice, wrapped in a towel, on the injured area in a 20-minute-on, 40-minute-off cycle
  • C Lightly wrap an Ace bandage around the affected area, do not pull it too tight
  • E To reduce swelling and pain, elevate the affected area higher than your waist
  • For bleeding cuts, clean well, apply pressure, and cover with a clean dressing
  • Leave blisters alone. A bandage over a blister can provide relief
  • Foreign materials in the skin, slivers, splinters, and sand, should be removed carefully. Any deep foreign objects, such as broken glass or a needle, should be removed professionally
  1. Prevention

  • Wear the correct shoes for your particular activity
  • Don’t continue to wear any type of shoe if the heel is worn unevenly
  • The toe box should be deep enough to accommodate your toes comfortably
  • Always wear hard-top shoes when operating a lawn mower or other grass-cutting equipment
  • Don’t walk barefoot outside
  • Watch out for slippery floors at home and at work
  • If you get up during the night, turn on a light. Many fractured toes and other foot injuries occur while attempting to find one’s way in the dark
  1. Office treatment – conservative:

    Please call our office, 281-395-FEET (3338) to meet with our doctors. Make an appointment for an evaluation with our office, immediately. The above advice should not be used as a substitute for medical care and treatment with our doctors.

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