Why use physical therapy for foot and ankle?

We strive to provide comprehensive foot care for increased joint mobility. Our office offers convenient on-site physical therapy as a conservative option for many types of foot pain and post-surgery. Exercises and other physical therapy modalities are used to help provide foot pain relief. Many physical therapy treatments are used including ultrasound (high-frequency sound vibrations that create a deep heat and reduce inflammation) therapy. The goal of physical therapy is to restore functional ability and quality of life to affected foot functioning. Our therapist will develop an individual treatment plan based on the doctor’s diagnosis to promote and stimulate the foot to move, reduce pain, and restore function. Our physical therapy treatment goals are to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability of the foot and ankle.

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Our physical therapy services include massage therapy, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

  1. Therapeutic massage can help promote tissue healing, reduce muscle stress, and increase blood flow to the affected areas. Massage therapy can improve blood flow to the injury or condition.
  2. Consistent strength training can greatly improve overall muscle function, balance, and posture. When an injury or foot condition results from imbalances of the strength or flexibility of the lower extremity, strength training can be an additional treatment option to improve it. Strength training can help reduce the chance of lower extremity injuries.
  3. Flexibility varies from person to person and can help anyone with improved strength, balance, and flexibility to prevent future issues.
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